Wide Denim
Wide Denim
Wide Denim
Wide Denim
Wide Denim
Wide Denim
Wide Denim

Wide Denim

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11ozn non-stretch washed denim.

Mainly made from American cotton, it is mixed with virgin cotton from Australia and Brazil, and is made to have just the right amount of suppleness and luster.

The dyeing is done using an environmentally friendly method called eco-dying, which reduces CO2 emissions by half compared to conventional dyeing methods and significantly reduces the amount of chemicals used.

The denim is woven by Shinohara Textile, a company founded in 1907, using a bulge folding method to bring out the best of the denim material.

The material has a natural fading feel and becomes softer and more familiar the more you use it.

Wide denim with a straight silhouette.

A loose silhouette with a deep rise that is popular this season.

The waist part is designed to look neat and has a beautiful silhouette.

The back pocket has a large design that makes your hip line look beautiful.

The deep rise allows you to create a beautiful silhouette without picking up your body line.

Depending on the shoes, you can pair it with heels for a beautiful look, or pair it with flat sandals or sneakers for a casual look.

When washing denim, we recommend turning it inside out and washing it in water. It is easy to maintain its current shape, and you can enjoy the process of adapting to your skin.

Please enjoy various coordinations.

When washing, we recommend turning it inside out and washing it with water. Easily maintains its current shape and prevents discoloration.

*Due to popular demand, we have created different colors.

*Model height: 174cm, wearing size 02(M)

[Material] 100% cotton

[Country of origin] Japan


00(S) size pants length 100, rise 35, inseam 65, waist 67, hips 99, thigh width 57, hem circumference 44

02(M) Size Pants length 106, rise 38, inseam 67, waist 72, hips 99, thigh circumference 58, hem circumference 44

04(L) size pants length 107, rise 40.5, inseam 69, waist 75, hips 101, thigh circumference 60, hem circumference 44