I, Yuko Ogawa, am a stylist based on my experience as a stylist since 1999.

We put importance on “necessary clothes” and “stylish”

I am making clothes.

In the coming era, rather than clothes that continue to be consumed, we will see clothing that is truly

We live in an era where we wear the ``necessary clothes'' in a minimalist way.

“Wasteless clothes” “Favorite clothes”

"Clothes that suit you"

With the concept of


We have devised a product that is simple, yet stylish, and has a slightly handsome taste.

We create simple and stylish clothes that are not wasteful while incorporating current trends. In addition, we have designed each item so that you can enjoy a variety of coordinations.

Our brand focuses on orders, and to avoid overstocking, online inventory is limited. We focus on seasonal items that can be worn throughout the year. We aim to be a socially friendly brand.

A slightly handsome taste will bring out your femininity.

We deliver this to the brilliant women who are active every day.